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Interpretation services consist of the oral communications from one language no another and with the following variables:

Simultaneous Interpretation

Often used in major events such as conferences and international congresses, business meetings, symposiums, seminars and training courses, among others.

The interpreter is in an isolated booth and communicates simultaneously the message to the listeners. This is done using simultaneous interpretation equipment which consist on an interpretation booth that transmits the signal and radio receivers for the audience in order to listen to the interpreters.

We have equipment rental and specialized technical advice during the event.

Consecutive Interpretation

Often used in one-to-one meetings or small groups. Equipment is not used. The interpreter listens the message in one language, takes notes and replicates the message in the required language.

Escorting Interpreter (Travel Interpreter)

The interpreter and client have more mobility and therefore this technique is used for guided visits, tours, meetings or interviews; wherever there is a small number of people.

Interpretation Equipment Rental

Simultaneous interpretation booth consisting of a booth (interpreters console and transmitter) and radio receivers for the audience (up to 1,000 radio receivers).

Body pack:
Simultaneous portable equipment for small audiences requiring speed of action for passing on the message.

Simultaneous interpretation without equipment. Often used in one-to-one meetings or small groups. For bigger meetings a different technique is recommended.

Over-the-phone Interpretation

Interpreters are connected through a telephone with people willing to communicate speaking a different language. Generally this is done as consecutive interpretation.

Text Translation

We have wide experience in technical manuals, legal documents, tenders, biomedical sciences, medical devices manuals, laboratory equipment, accountancy, finance, IT, electronics and engineering, among others.

Translation is the written expression from a source language to a target language (language required).

Certificated Translation

We provide certified translations from translators approved by the Superior Court of Justice.

Why us?

More than 1000 satisfied clientes world wide.

Direct contact and young staff

Different from many others, Ollin Traducciones is led by interpreters, which gives flexibility and understanding of the services we provide.

Graduates with official ID and high quality

We are interpreters and translators from the Higher Interpreters and Translators Institute (Instituto Superior de Intérpretes y Traductores, ISIT) with professional ID. This warranties an international quality service.

Outstanding Service

We not only translate a language: we pass on cultural concepts while considering specific needs from each client.

Handcrafted Work

We offer a handcrafted work, which means a more natural way to pass on a message into the required language.

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